Ahold Light Multigrain Bread

Ahold™ Light Multigrain Bread. 20% Fewer Calories 50% Less Fat Per Serving Than Regular Multigrain Bread. 35 Calories Per Slice. Healthy Ides™. Amount and % Daily Value per serving. Calories 70. Low Fat 1g, 2%. Net wt 16 oz (1 lb) 454g. Bread is an important staple in our diets. Offered in a variety of fresh baked flavors, bread is a pleasing addition to almost any meal. From its texture and aroma to its great taste, our selection is designed to satisfy everybody. Your family is important to you and important to us too. That's why we created a variety of bread with you and your family in mind. Delicious taste and quality ingredients - all at a price you can afford. And now you don't have to trade taste for fat or calories because we've created a broad assortment of tasty light breads. Rich in texture and a good source of fiber, our light breads are delicious, satisfying and convenient. Try all of our light varieties for a taste everyone is sure to enjoy, with a little less guilt! This product has 70 calories and 1g fat per 41g serving (2 slices). Regular multigrain bread has 60 calories and 1.5g fat per 27g serving (1 slice). 1-877-846-9949. Quality guaranteed or your money back. ©2011 Ahold Licensing, SArl.