Gateway Bread, Soft Rye

Famous St. Louis style. No seeds. A taste of tradition from your hometown baker. Baked from a recipe that spans generations, Robust Gateway Soft Rye Bread is made from the finest ingredients and prepared with the highest baking standards. Gateway Soft Rye Bread is low in fat and contains no saturated fats nor hydrogenated oils. It's a wholesome, nutritious loaf with a rich, flavorful taste. Baked in the tradition of St. Louis-style rye, this tangy, hearty bread is the perfect companion to your favorite sandwich fillings. Since nutrition experts recommend eating 6-11 servings daily of grain-based foods, a single delicious sandwich of Robust Gateway Soft Rye will provide 2 of these servings. Enjoy Robust Gateway Soft Rye today and experience a Rye-lover's gateway to satisfaction.