Indiana Spud Bread, Potato

Truly delicious. You're gonna dig the taste! Low fat. Saturated fat free. No bromate. No hydrogenated oil. 0 g Trans fat. No saturated fats. No cholesterol. Lasso good taste! The Introduction: The day we first baked Indiana Spud Potato Bread at Lewis Bakeries, over ten years ago, we knew we had an exceptional loaf of bread. The rich, unique flavor, the moist texture and the freshness couldn't be surpassed. We knew it was outstanding. So we baked it and put it on the grocery shelves. And then you, our customers, discovered it. The Discovery: Our customers bought their first loaf of Indiana Spud Potato Bread. They toasted it, made sandwiches with it, ate it with all of their favorite spreads, or savored it unadorned, right out of the bag. They went back for another load, and then another, and then they wrote us letters. The Praise: For over ten years a growing number of Indiana Spud lovers have been writing to Lewis Bakeries in praise of our potato bread. They write to tell us their favorite ways of eating it. They write to say why they like it. Some have tried other brands of potato bread and wrote to tell us that they didn't measure up, were not as fresh, didn't have the palate-pleasing, old-fashioned home-made taste of Indiana Spud Potato Bread. The Thanks: We love hearing from our customers. Lewis Bakeries has, since 1925, always taken pride in baking excellent products. And with Indiana Spud Potato Bread we've heard, for over a decade, the appreciation of many of our customers. Have we heard from you? Made with 100% soybean oil (non-hydrogenated) and a perfect accompaniment to every meal. At Lewis Bakeries, we always put our customers first. For over 80 years Lewis Bakeries, a family-owned company, has relied on family values and customer satisfaction - not analysts on Wall Street. Baking fresh baked goods with premium quality ingredients is our only business and we enjoy offering products that taste great and are good for you. Pleasing our customers has been a family tradition since 1925.