Koffee Kup Large Rolls

Over 50 Years of Vermont quality! In 1940, when Rosaire Roberge founded the Koffee Kup Bakery, he handmade delicious donuts, then delivered the by bicycle, carrying on his grandfather's tradition from Quebec and Troy, Vermont. Today, over a half century later, his son Ron continues to deliver the finest bakery products on the market. Still family owned, the original bakery has grown to a full line of over 20 Koffee Kup Donuts and Hearthstyle Specialty Breads. Rosaire's bicycle route has grown to cover all of Vermont and parts of New York and New Hampshire. What's Koffee Kup's secret? Just old fashioned family values and Vermont pride. We create our donuts from the most wholesome ingredients, then rush them to you fresh as when they're piping hot! We know you'll enjoy the scrumptious, just made taste of our old-time Vermont made donuts. And when you come back for more, you'll find plenty to choose from. Our authentic buttermilk donuts and tasty crullers have been our signature for over 50 years! Plus you can't beat our delectable honey bran donuts or our rich chocolate glazed donuts. Then there's our bread! That great Koffee Kup quality is baked right into our line of specialty breads and assorted rolls. Special breads for special times. Oven fresh for that homey, hearthbaked taste. You can't beat Koffee Kup - Vermont's local bakery.