Grass Point Farm Certified Pasture Cheese, Pepper Jack

Monterey Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers. Raised & humanely cared for. Meets the third party certified Grass Point Animal Compassionate and Grass Fed Program Standards, which require nutritious, pasture diet. Without antibiotics, or hormones; Animals are raised humanely in conditions that support natural animal behavior. All natural & grass fed. Caring for the cow & the environment makes better dairy. Each day Grass Point Farm's certified graziers provide their cows a gourmet lover's salad of native pasture herbage. This cornucopia of legumes and grasses is rich and flavorful, filled with the nutritious benefits found in grass fed dairy products. Grass Point producers never use artificial growth hormones. Pasture fed cows live longer, are healthier, and are just plain happier. Each Grass Point Family Farmer has an environmental stewardship plan that typically uses 40% less fossil fuels than other methods, minimizes runoff, and rebuilds the soil. Meet some of our farmers and find out why Grass Point Farms is the healthy alternative to great tasting dairy products. Wisconsin Cheese.