Fall River Wild Rice, Traditional Uncooked

California Mountain Grown. Yields 4 cups. Traditional uncooked 100% natural. Sodium free. No saturated fat. No cholestrol. Nestled in the shadows of Mt. Shasta between the Cascades and the Sierra Mountains, lies the Fall River Valley. the fertile soil, clean air, spring water, and crisp climate of this California high mountain valley create ideal growing conditions for wild rice- the only small grain native to North America. You can enhance soups, salads, pastas, or any dish with the flavor addition of our wild rice. A gourmet touch for any menu. The hearty, nutty taste and texture of wild rice are unique and compliment the flavor of meat, poultry, game and fish. Versatile wild rice can be used in soups, salads, pastas, breads, stuffings, casseroles, or with other rices. Simmering in broth or wine gives wild rice a rich, full bodied taste. Blend wild rice with brown or white rice for appetizing pilaf. Saute cooked wild rice with your favorite vegetables. Use as a side dish or as a filling for omelettes. Chilled cooked wild rice makes a hearty delicious salad when combined with meat, seafoods, fruits or vegetables and your favorite dressing. Stir cooked wild rice into your favorite muffin batter just before spooning batter into muffin tins. Add cooked wild rice to your stews or soups instead of noodles or potatoes; substitute for pasta in casseroles or in salads. Uncooked wild rice will keep almost indefinitely when stored in an airtight container. Cooked, it will keep up to 10 day refrigerated or can be frozen to use later. Product of USA.