One Degree Organic Foods Bread, Veganic, Sesame Sunflower

Veganically grown sprouted wheat bread with sunflower & sesame seeds. Every ingredient has a story. Sprouted grains. USDA organic. Ingredient Story: Meet some good natured grains with simple stories to tell. Of good conscience. Finding the story is easy! Find us at Follow us at OneDegreeFoods. Vegan. Non GMO project. Certified Organic: Quality Assurance International. Recycle me! Biodegradable bag. Whole Grain: 18 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Every Ingredient Has a Story: The best meals we've ever tasted come from honestly-sourced ingredients, grains with character. We've found such grains in often unexplored corners of North America, in fields of splendor devoted to sustainability and organic, veganic cultivation. Veganic is the higher standard we have set for all of our products. Our veganic farmers grow crops that are plowed back into the soil to restore and build nutrients. This ensures that no animal by-products, or the hormones and antibiotics they may contain, will play any part in a One Degree harvest. Just as veganic is a step beyond organic, our dedication to transparency rises above the ordinary. By downloading our free app and scanning the QR code on this package, you can explore, via video, the wholehearted truth behind every ingredient we use. You'll discover bread that is fair to the land, wonderful for your health and unimaginably delicious. The Story of Sesame Sunflower: It's hard not to smile when you think of our Sesame Sunflower bread. What's more joyful than a sunflower, nor packed with as much fiber, flavor and vitamin E? And how could our sesame seeds be cultivated with any more pride, loyalty and kindness than they are by our Oaxaca farmers? Add the timeless purity of khorasan wheat, a grain which could never imagine GMO, hybridization or processing, and you have an irresistible slice, and a great day. Veganic: Organic food cultivation; Animal & by-product free. Veganic: Good food grown safely. Certified organic by QAI. Product of Canada.