Hot Pocket Snackers Baked Mac & Cheese Bites - 10-12 CT

Hot Pockets Brand Snackers Baked Mac & Cheese Bites Stuffed Sandwiches. Baked not fried*. *Not a low fat food. Microwaves in just over 1 minute. 10 - 12 pieces. Try all of our flavors! Loaded potato skin bites. Fiesta nacho bites. Honey BBQ recipe chicken bits. Good food, good life. Good to remember! Baking versus frying captures the flavors in food. Good to know! This Hot Pockets brand snackers is baked not fried to maximize flavor. P.O. Box 2178, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703. Visit us at Good to connect! 1-800-350-5016.