Atkins Pizza, Stone Fired, Cheese

Premium shredded cheeses and a zesty garlic pizza sauce on an artisanal stone fired crust. New! The leading low carb lifestyle. High protein! 23 g. 2 g sugar. 11 g net carbs (Counting Carbs? Atkins Net Carb Count assists you in tracking carbs that impact blood sugar. Fiber and sugar alcohols should be subtracted from the total carbs since they minimally impact blood sugar. Less than 6 g net carbs come from grains. 28 g total carbs - 17 g total fiber = 11 g Atkins net carbs.). Not a low calorie food. See back panel for fat, sat fat, sodium, sugar and calorie content information. Discover the Rich Taste of Atkins: Indulge yourself and enjoy the delicious taste of pizza while staying on track with the Atkins diet! With Atkins artisanal stone fired pizza crust and premium toppings like custom Italian sausage, savory pepperoni, freshly shredded cheese and fire roasted vegetables, it is easier than ever to tame your cravings and achieve your weight loss goals. And with four classic flavors available, there is a pizza for every taste. At Atkins, our mission is to help people lose weight and keep it off while enjoying delicious, satisfying foods. We believe our science-based, clinically-proven approach can improve millions of lives through satisfying weight loss. Learn more by visiting or call 1-800-6ATKINS. Facebook. Twitter. Try delicious Atkins bars, shakes and treats to satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth. Product of USA.