Inko's Organic White Tea Original with Ginger

Inko's™ Organic White Tea Original with Ginger. Just a little better for You™. EST. 2002. Naturally flavored. 50 calories per bottle. USDA Organic. A™ with valuable antioxidants. 16 fl oz (1 pt) 480 ml. Here at Inko's we have one passion - white tea. Inko's has a rich tradition of brewing this rare and exceptional variety of tea, which is only grown in a few pristine regions of the world. White tea is the least processed tea, with valuable antioxidants. It's also the reason for Inko's distinct, Subtle taste and revitalizing touch. Inko's white tea: Just little Better for You™. Please recycle. Certified Organic by A Bee Organic. Contains no juice. GF, Gluten-Free. Non GMO.