Stash Green Tea Pomegranate Raspberry with Matcha - 18 CT

Stash Green Tea Pomegranate Raspberry with Matcha. Net Wt. 1.2 OZ. (36 g). Stash Premium. What is matcha Matcha is the jade colored fine powdered green tea used for centuries in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This highly sought-after green tea is made from a special shade-grown Japanese tea plant, which is hand-picked and the tea leaves are ground into a fine powder. The addition of matcha, with its rich green tea flavor notes, makes this blend even more flavorful and delicious. Sip your way to a blissful state. This beautiful ruby-red liquor brews up a crisp and fruity tea with just the right amount of tartness. Natural flavors of pomegranate and raspberry are combined with green tea and a touch of rich matcha to create a perfectly balanced and refreshing blend. Recyclable.