Mezzetta Hot Banana Wax Peppers

Mezzetta® Hot Banana Wax Peppers. In the Napa Valley. Family owned since 1935. Don't forgetta Mezzetta! Hand selected. Fresh pack. 16 fl oz (473 ml). Family owned & operated. Fine quality since 1935. For a quick lunch, I pair these vibrant California peppers with a sandwich. A bite of one followed by a bite of the other - their crunch and kick always do the trick. At Mezzetta, we believe in sharing joy. We pour our hearts into what we do so we can share the best of the world in all its richness and color. I hope sharing these special banana peppers with your loved ones adds a little more joy to your day. Share the joy! - G L Mezzetta. Vegan. Gluten-free. Cholesterol free. Please recycle. Wonder what else you can do with these delicious hot banana wax peppers Visit: for tips and recipes.