Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce, with Tabasco Peppers

Use Louisiana gold Red Pepper Sauce in your kitchen to enhance the taste of your favorite recipes, nut most important, keep it on your table. Use to replace salt and pepper for that extra flavor and dining enjoyment. Spice up chili dogs, splash in cheese and bean dips, drizzle on pizza, invigorate spaghetti sauce, wake up salad dressings, enliven cocktails, jazz up deviled eggs, rejuvenate seafood, zip up gravies. Louisiana Gold was developed for consumers who have expressed a desire for a pepper sauce that demonstrates distinctive, lively flavor without a strong vinegary taste. Louisiana Gold is the result of careful blending of select peppers including Tabasco peppers. The process combines the best flavor characteristics of Tabasco peppers, and other choice peppers into a custom-crafted pepper sauce. Relatively mild and creation is tantalizingly delicious. It will enhance flavor without overpowering food. All natural ingredients!