Fifty 50 Fructose, Low Glycemic

Granulated sweetener. 65% lower blood sugar response than regular sugar. For use in a low glycemic diet. Use Fifty 50 Fructose as part of your low glycemic diet. The revolutionary Low Glycemic Diet helps you achieve optimum blood glucose readings. Used worldwide and endorsed by the diabetes associations in Europe, Australia, and Canada, it's gaining popularity in the US as well. Here's how it works. You avoid carbohydrates that will raise your blood glucose the most. All carbohydrates are not the same. Some gush into your blood stream and spike your blood sugar. Others just trickle in slowly keeping it low. For example, compare the response of fructose and ordinary table sugar (sucrose). So why use sucrose for your baking and sweetening needs when you can have the same delicious results and a lower glycemic response with fructose? Silicon dioxide packet enclosed (prevents caking). Exchange Information for People with Diabetes: One teaspoon equals a free food exchange. Based on Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes.