Spicely Sage, Ground, Organic

USDA organic. Certified gluten-free. 100% certified organic. All natural, salt free. 100% vegan. No MSG. No artificial color. No preservatives. No sugar. Non-genetically modified. Non-irradiated. No peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacea, tree nuts and wheat or derivatives. Produced from only whole herbs and spices. Recipes www.Spicely.com. Certified organic by Global Culture. www.GlobalCulture.us. 0.25% of our sales go to selected charities to help children without homes. Printed on recycled paper. Description: Sage is a wonderful flavor enhancer for seafood, vegetables, breadsticks, cornbread, muffins and other savory breads. Top swordfish, tuna, steaks chicken and turkey pieces with Sage and lemon butter. Rub Sage, cracked pepper and garlic into pork tenderloin or chops before cooking.