Spice Classics Basil Leaves

Spice Classics® Basil Leaves provide quality, strong performance and a robust flavor, making it a pantry staple. Basil is an essential ingredient in many kitchens due to its strong aroma and ability to provide a fresh flavor and sweet finish. You’ll want to keep a container of Spice Classics® Basil Leaves on hand. Dry basil leaves require no additional preparation work like washing or chopping before use. Spice Classics® Basil Leaves complement many spices such as marjoram, oregano, and thyme to add a depth of flavor to any dish. Adding dry basil leaves to your kitchen's collection offers many benefits. While making pesto is a popular use for basil, chefs can use this herb in many different dishes. Combine basil leaves with cannellini beans, tomato, fennel and ricotta for an exciting toast topping. You can also use basil to add a fresh flavor to dishes such as gnocchi with burnt butter and lemon or a strawberry and basil ice cream cake. Enjoy endless meal possibilities with Spice Classics® Basil.