HOSTESS Vanilla Cupcakes, Creamy Filling, 8 Count, 12.7 oz

Spring is in the air with these delicious HOSTESS snack cakes, available for a limited time only. Savor HOSTESS Cotton Candy Flavored TWINKIES, packed with pink creamy filling. Sink your teeth into rich golden sponge cake and taste the cotton candy flavor of your childhood. Get a sweet start with HOSTESS Carrot Cake Flavored DONETTES. Pop open the resealable bag and get ready to LIVE YOUR MOSTESS. Or put a spring in your step with HOSTESS Vanilla Flavored CupCakes, drizzled with THE ORIGINAL SQUIGGLE you know and love. Find a place in your day for limited edition HOSTESS snack cakes. Whether it’s springtime or any time, these classic snack cakes will fill your heart with joy.