Ace Air Filter, Pleated

20 x 20 x 1 in. 8 times more effective than fiberglass filters. Cleans the air for up to 3 full months or airborne particles such as: pollen; lint; dust; plant spores; animal dander. For furnace and central air. Pleated design provides maximum dirt-grabbing filter area with minimum resistance to airflow. The Ace Pleated Air Filter provides more filter surface area by pleating the filter medium. And the more surface area you have, the greater the filter's ability to trap dirt, pollen and other particles while keeping airflow resistance low. Merv 8 Efficiency: The Ace pleated filter is rated as Merv 8 according to ASHRAE test standard 52.2. The Merv (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) is the minimum efficiency level observed during testing of the filter. Filters typically are rated in the range of Merv 1--12. Higher ratings indicate more efficient filters. Compatible with your Heating and Air Conditioning System: Ace Air Filters for furnace and central air are designed to fit and perform with most systems. Simply find the size that's right for you. Unlike washable filters, Ace pleated Air Filters are convenient to use and easy to replace. Under normal conditions, this filter will provide up to three months of thorough cleaning of your air. Effectively Remove a Wide Range of Particle Sizes: The Ace Pleated Filter removes large particles of dirt, pollen, lint and pet dander while providing better performance than ordinary flat panel filters on the smaller particles than stain your walls, drapes and ceilings. This is the same type filter, made with the same materials that filtration professionals have used for more than 20 years. Manufactured in the United States.