SwansonChicken a la King Made with White Meat Chicken 10.5 oz.

Enjoy the warm and hearty flavor of Swanson® Canned Chicken a la King With White and Dark Chicken Meat. Swanson® Chicken a la King is a convenient take on a classic comfort food, featuring tender chicken chunks and vegetables in a light, creamy sauce. Living up to Swanson’s tradition of quality ingredients, our chicken breast meat contains no antibiotics, added MSG* or artificial flavors. Each single-serve, 10.5-ounce can contains 12 grams of protein for a hearty, filling addition to your entree. This easy Chicken a la King is ready in minutes from the stovetop or microwave. Enjoy it on its own or serve over a split baked potato with bacon bits, hot cooked egg noodles topped with grated Parmesan cheese, or a toasted English muffin with shredded Cheddar cheese. Take a shortcut to your favorite comfort food with Swanson® Canned Chicken a la King. *Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract