Bella Italia Regionali Cicatelli Molisani

Traditional recipe. Slow dried. Artisan pasta. Typical of Moise Region. Bella Italia Regionali is a unique line of artisan products that represents the ancient culinary traditions of Italy's 20 regions (scan the QR code to get more info). Thanks to the slow drying process of the pasta, it conserves unsaturated not only the nutritional factors, but even the essence taste and flavor. The Cicatelli, or Cavatiell in Molise dialect, is a traditional pasta from the Southern Italian Region of Molise that was also adopted by some areas of Apulia, where they are known as Capunti. Cicatelli are homemade pasta made from a mixture of durum wheat, semolina and water with an elongated shape and hollow inside. This cut comes from a regional tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. Cicatelli are ideal with meat sauce or with vegetables like broccoli. In their regional homeland of Molisse and, primarily in the main city of Campobasso, they are served with a ragout sauce. (Source: Mediterranean Institute of Culinary Arts). Non GMO Project verified. FSC: Mix- Packaging from responsible sources. Product of Italy.