DeLallo 100% Organic Spaghetti, No. 4

Since 1950. Authentic organic pasta. Made with bronze plates. Cook 9 min. USDA organic. Our Pasta: Our authentic Italian, organic pasta begins in durum wheat fields of Puglia, Italy, where climate & soil produce premium organic grain. Expertly milled semolina flour is slowly kneaded with cool, spring water, than extruded using bronze plates. This is what gives our pasta its unique texture: a coarse surface that will hug your favorite sauce & enhance the flavor of your dishes. With a traditional method of slow drying at low temperatures, DeLallo pasta retains its fresh-bread taste and cooks al dente every time. Meaning small strings in Italian, spaghetti just may be the most well known pasta. This long cut originated in Southern Italy, where it is traditionally served with a sauce of fresh tomatoes. Visit for these recipes and more. Certified organic by ICEA. Made in Italy. Produced & packed in Italy.