Stop & Shop Ditalini

Enriched macaroni product made from 100% durum semolina. Amount and % Daily Value per serving: 210 calories; 1 g (low) fat (2%); 0 mg sodium (0%); 42 g total carb (14%). Healthy ideas. (A low fat, sodium free food.) What is durum wheat? Durum wheat is an amber-colored hard wheat containing just the right elements for making perfect pasta. It's dense and high in protein and gluten. Semolina is durum wheat that is more coarsely ground than normal wheat flour. The semolina in our pasta is enriched with B-vitamins and iron. Most good pastas are made from durum semolina. When you choose our delicious pasta you can feel confident that you're serving a wholesome, high-quality meal! Savor the delicious taste of our everyday pasta! Product of the USA.