Nature's Legacy Organic Spelt Spaghetti

Nature's Legacy® Organic Spelt Spaghetti. Non GMO project. Verified. Pure. Wonderfood. Made with all natural* ingredients. Made with VitaSpelt®. Minimally processed for natural goodness! Cooks in less than 6 minutes! Loaded with essential nutrients! Certified organic by: Quality Assurance International. USDA organic. Recyclable package. *We use the word natural in its purest sense. Natural is defined as: *existing in or formed by nature.'' While many foods claim to be natural, they often contain everything from GMOs (genetically modified organisms) to pesticides to artificial flavors and colors. No wonder consumers are confused. You can trust that every ingredient in Nature's Legacy and VitaSpelt is natural in the truest sense of the word. Nature's Legacy pastas are made with pure ancient grains, grown and harvested using traditional methods. Unlike modern-day varieties of wheat which have been over-hybridized and over-processed to increase yields and reduce costs, our grains are harvested with the protective hull intact. This eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, and preserves the grains' high-quality nutrients. These legendary natural* grains, revered by Europeans for thousands of years, nurture the immune system by supplying a broad spectrum of nutrients in a form our bodies recognize as pure food. Enjoy the great taste and texture of these fine pastas - truly a gift from nature. Go to for great recipes and more healthy eating tips!