Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Box Liner, Drawstring Litter Box Liners Multi Cat

Make regular litter box cleanings fast and effortless when you use these Purina Tidy Cats standard litter box liners. These strong liners resist tearing, so litter granules and clumps stay contained within the liner and not on the floor of each litter box. Designed for multiple-cat households, these liners stand up to your cat companions' regular use. A light, fresh scent helps to defend against strong odors, leaving each box smelling clean and inviting. Designed to conform to the shape of each litter box, these box liners also offer a snug, secure fit to keep them in place while your cats dig around in their litter. Keep your hands away from the messy part of litter cleanup when you use these Tidy Cats litter bags. You can spend less time cleaning up after your cats and more time enjoying your sweet, cuddly feline friends each and every day.