Purina Dog Chow Weight Management Dry Dog Food, Healthy Weight

Pay attention to your dog's particular nutritional needs with Purina Dog Chow Healthy Weight dry dog food. Each serving offers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs to help him live a long, happy life with you. The high-quality protein, including real chicken, supports strong muscles, and the reduced calories help to maintain your dog's healthy weight. The combination of tender chunks and crunchy kibble makes each bite pleasing to his palate, while the essential nutrition in every serving helps to support his healthy, active lifestyle. Fill his bowl according to the feeding instructions based on his weight, and give him the nourishing meal he deserves at every feeding. Your relationship with your dog is a special one, and you want to make sure all his needs are tended to. Purina Dog Chow Healthy Weight dry dog food helps you to do just that. We're your partners in making sure he gets the nutrition he needs from a source you can trust. Purina Dog Chow is crafted in our U.S. facilities, and it's the recipe we're proud to feed to our own dogs. We work to ensure this dry dog food meets stringent standards for ingredient specification, product safety, quality standards and good manufacturing practices, and we make quality the number one ingredient in everything we do. The result is safe, nourishing meals you can be proud to serve your dog. Our products are backed up by over 90 years of Purina pushing pet nutrition forward, giving you added confidence every time you reach for a bag. With high-quality ingredients and formulas designed to meet the needs of your dog at every life stage, Purina Dog Chow makes it easy to select the right recipe for your loyal dog. Offer up Purina Dog Chow Healthy Weight dry dog food to your dog, and show him his health and happiness matter to you.