Kars Trail Mix Sweet `N Salty Mix

1 lb bag. Detroit born 1933. The American trail mix. Cocoa candle. Raisins. Sunflower kernels. Detroit Born: We didn't set out to change the way people snack. But we did have a hunch that perfectly roasted and salted nuts, naturally sweet raisins, tasty cocoa candies and crunchy sunflower kernels would produce a winning Sweet 'n Salty Mix combination. And America agreed. Since our humble beginnings in 1933 outside Detroit's Tiger Stadium, Kar's Nuts has become a nationwide sensation - and it all started with good ol' roasted peanuts. You could say we pioneered the Sweet 'n Salty Mix movement, and if you did, you'd be right. Sweet 'n salty mix. Kars original sweet n salty mix brings your energy into balance! Why wonder whether your energy source should be sweet or salty? Just grab kar's sweet 'n salty mix your yin will high five your yang in delicious fashion! Your tongue gets a ride on a flavor roller coaster, while iron and protein bring a sure, steady stream of energy so, ym? Yang? How about yummmm?.