Raw Food Central Snack Mix, Curt's Classic

A mega-medley of garden goodness! Never fried. Never baked. USDA organic. Non GMO Project verified. Raw. Organic. Vegan. Kosher. Non GMO. Gluten free. Tear here to unleash a raw vegan snack-attack! Meet the regular guy who became a raw food master. When I was 23, I cycled, skied, owned my own home and ran a successful business. Life was good! All of a sudden, my health took a turn for the worse. My body started to feel old and stiff. I tried all I could to restore my youthful ways, but nothing worked. Then I focused on my diet, studying volumes of health and nutrition books, when it hit me. Bam! I discovered raw vegan foods, and my health and energy have never been better! In my small town of Windsor, Connecticut, friends & family were intrigued! Sharing my raw food results was the main reason Raw Food Central, a little store front on Broad Street, was born. For 30 years I created great-tasting raw vegan recipes and coached others on how to adopt this healthy lifestyle. I would make small batches of snacks and everyone craved them! All my friends exclaimed, These raw vegan snacks really rock! Now everyone can enjoy these delicious chips and crackers that will satisfy any chip craving palette. With absolutely no junk added. Enjoy! - Curt Griffing, CFO (Chief Flavor Officer). Food for Thought: Many raw food newbies, self-proclaimed experts extol the benefits of their newly found, nourished lifestyle. And, we're happy for them. Curt is an original raw food master after 30 years of creating hundreds of raw food recipes, conducting a bajillion food demonstrations and coaching countless others. Certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Certified vegan. vegan.org. Certified gluten-free. Rawfoodcentral.com. Go beyond the broccoli stalk, find all you'll need to live raw and be sure to check out the HealthPath classes.