Nabisco Wheat Thins Fiber Selects 5-Grain Crackers

Nabisco Wheat Thins Fiber Selects 5-Grain Crackers. New! 5g fiber contains 4.5g fat per serving. Help get more fiber into your diet without giving up the taste you love in your snacks! Fiber selects 5-grain are not only an excellent source of fiber, (contains 4.5g fat per serving) but are packed with an amazing crunch and the delicious taste of 5 hearty grains. To help increase your intake of dietary fiber...also try: Wheat Thins Garden Vegetable Fiber Selects...and to help promote digestive health try LiveActive foods and beverages! LiveActive for digestive health. *Nutritionists recommend eating 3 or more servings of whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 48g per day). Sensible solution; excellent source of dietary fiber 5g fiber and 4.5g fat per serving. Good source of whole grain* (11g per serving). 0 grams trans fat per serving. Visit us at: 1-800-622-4720 please have package available. Carton made from 100% recycled paperboard. Minimum 35% post-consumer content. BHT added to packaging material to preserve freshness. This package is sold by weight, not by volume. Packed as full as practicable by modern automatic equipment, it contains full net weight indicated. If it does not appear full when opened, it is because contents have settled during shipping and handling.