Full Circle Organic Popcorn, Microwave

No artificial flavors or preservatives. No salt (not a sodium free food)/no butter. Low sodium. Low fat. A cholesterol free food. 0 g trans fat. Return to a natural way of living. USDA organic. All-Around Goodness: Full Circle Microwave Popcorn is produced with only organic ingredients by certified organic growers and processors. It is produced on land farmed without the use of chemicals, synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Our commitment to you is why our technologists work continuously to ensure that every Full Circle product is of the highest quality possible while meeting the most rigorous standards in the natural food industry. Come Full Circle. Visit us at www.fullcirclefoods.com. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Earth-Friendly Packaging: Carton made from 7 - 14% post consumer and from 3 - 12% post industrial re-claimed fiber.