Krave Beef Cuts, Sweet Chipotle, Oven Roasted 2.7 oz

A flavor for all seasons. All natural (no artificial ingredients, minimally processed). Life is better beefy. Meat just got sweet. Answer the call of the wild. Seriously satisfying. A flavor for all seasons. Curiosity rewards the hungry. Have you ever wondered why Krave is unlike any other? It all started in Sonoma where we dreamt up a super snack that will delight your taste buds. We marinate it for maximum flavor, cook it low and slow, slice it and spice it with delectable seasoning like smoky southwestern style chipotle and a hint of honey. The end result is so tender - it'll make you want to take a bite out of life. Well hellooo flavor. Sweetest chipotle in town. Well-seasoned. No nitrates or nitrites added (except that which naturally occurs in celery seed). No MSG added (except that which naturally occurs in soy sauce).