Original Trenton Crackers Wine Crackers Original

Original Trenton Crackers® Wine Crackers Original. Since 1848. Served by hundreds of wineries. All natural. Zero trans fats. Enhance your enjoyment of wine and other beverages. Net Wt. 10 oz. (283 g). A vintage recipe from England. Delicate and dry with a hint of lemon and vanilla. OTC Wine Crackers are the perfect complement to fine wine. Served by hundreds of wineries across the USA. Here's what they say: "The way your crackers cleanse the palate not only enhances the way our wines taste but also gives the taster something extra. They're a great companion for our wines!" - St. Julian Winery. We've been serving these little crackers to our customers in our winery tasting room for over 20 years. We wouldn't think of going without them." - Stonington Vineyards. "The best way to learn about fine wines is to cleanse your palate between tastings. OTC Crackers are the perfect cracker for this." - Baiting Hollow Vineyard. Creative tasting ideas! Serve with fresh fruit or cheese platters. Great snack with coffee, juice or tea. Perfect with after-dinner drinks and dessert. And of course, with a glass of wine! www.panoramafoods.com.