HERSHEY'S Chocolate Assortment Miniatures Candy, Halloween, 11 oz, Bag

This 11-ounce bag features your favorite assortment of delicious HERSHEY'S miniatures individually wrapped with a seasonal twist. With this fabulous range of options, from milk to dark chocolate and from smooth to nutty or crackling, there's something for everyone. Place the full variety in your candy dish at work and watch the visitors pile up. Include these miniatures bars in your fall candy gift bags at Halloween parties and autumn events to please every guest no matter their tastes. Plan your traditional movie-marathon with an extra snack option of HERSHEY'S chocolate bars your family will adore. These miniatures are great on their own and in countless beloved dessert recipes, so mix it up with some baking experiments of your own. If you can keep these bars around long enough at home or in the office, use a few for a seasonal display to liven up your décor. Choose one or all of your favorite ideas and enjoy these sweet, creamy treats in new ways all season long. You can't go wrong with a HERSHEY'S chocolate miniatures bar, so get yours now and start celebrating!