Reese`s Peanut Butter Cups Snack Size 14 Pieces

REESE'S milk chocolate peanut butter snack-size cups candies are huge on chocolate and peanut butter taste. Individually wrapped, bite-sized and perfectly poppable, REESE'S candies make a delicious anytime treat. Plus, this bag ensures you'll have plenty for sharing with friends and family during all your get-togethers. Savor the delicious flavor of sweet peanut butter and creamy milk chocolate anytime you're in the mood for snacking. At the end of the day, REESE'S milk chocolate peanut butter cups candy make for a timeless treat that is kosher and gluten free for when you need a quick snack. You can have this bag tag along with you as you take on a road trip. REESE'S milk chocolate candy is also great when you need a pick-me-up. All you have to do is unwrap these chocolate peanut butter delights and enjoy. If you want to get more creative, add these snack-size peanut butter treats covered in milk chocolate to your ice cream sundae buffet or place them on individually knotted pretzels to melt in the oven for a sweet, salty and gooey sensation. This bag features individually wrapped candy for lasting freshness and easy sharing.