Smartfood Reduced Fat White Cheddar Popcorn

Smartfood® Reduced Fat White Cheddar Popcorn. Made with all-natural ingredients. Guaranteed fresh until printed date. White cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. 40% less fat. Reduced fat. 40% less fat than regular Smart Food® brand white cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. See back panel for nutrition information. Fat content has been reduced from 10g per serving to 6g per serving. Visit our website @ Product comparison. Per 1oz serving - fat - cal - taste. Smart Food® reduced fat white cheddar cheese popcorn - 6g - 130 - 100%. Regular Smart Food® white cheddar cheese popcorn - 10g - 160 - 100%. Smart Food® brand-hmm. Kind of intimidating. Do you have to be some kind of genius to eat the stuff Some kind of child prodigy Head of your local Einstein appreciation chapter Nope. Just smart enough to have picked up this bag. We'll handle the rest. We'll give you that same delicious, natural, white cheddar cheese popcorn you've known and loved for years, but we'll update it by taking all that incredible flavor and reducing its fat content by 40%. Not a bad idea, huh But then, neither was picking up this bag. Sing of an intelligent Life®. Questions or comments 1-888-924-5654 weekdays 9:00am to 4:30pm Central Time. ©1995 Smart Foods, Inc.