Hardbite Chips, Potato, Handcrafted, Spicy Jalapeno

Gluten free. Non-GMO ingredients. Nothing artificial. No artificial anything. No trans fat. Handmade. No cholesterol. Lake Crescent, WA.Spicy Jalapeno: When it comes to adventure, you've never been one to sit on the sidelines. You're the first one to dive in and taste all that life has to offer. That's the way we feel about our Spicy Jalapeno. This explosive flavor adventure isn't for the faint of heart - but that's never stopped you before. Sliced thick, hand-cooked in small batches and bursting with flavor - from seed to chip, we guarantee the highest quality potato chip possible by using only the best potatoes and absolutely no artificial anything. The official chip of Cascadia. What is Cascadia? From the great Pacific Ocean to our towering coastal mountains, running wild and free from the border of the Golden Bear State to the northern tip of British Columbia - more than just the geography of our collective backyard, Cascadia is a movement, an idea, an ethos. It's like-minded individuals driven by a unifying vision, the celebration of independence Hardbite was born out of the same belief in freedom and a spirit of independence. We are Cascadian. Our family has been farming the Cascadian plains since 1920. We don't just grow potatoes by Hardbite, we own the company. Come and savor the taste of independence. Join us (at)hardbitechips.com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Hardbitechips.com. Facebook: facebook.com/hardbite. Twitter: twitter.com/hardbite. Made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.