Suave Men Foot & Body Wash Odor Fighting, 15 oz

Your skin care routine just got better at fighting body odor! Not only is Suave Men Odor Fighting Body & Foot Wash our best body wash for fighting bacteria and keeping you smelling fresh, it's also great for gentle cleansing. Designed specifically with a man's PH in mind, this body odor wash offers an antibacterial formula for a deep clean you can feel...and smell. This is our best body wash when it comes to eliminating body odor by targeting the bacteria that causes odor. Once you scrub that stinky bacteria away, you'll enjoy a deep clean on your stomach, chest, legs and feet. Formulated especially for guys, this antibacterial body wash is great for helping to eliminate body odor from sweat, athlete's foot and more. Plus, it is gentle enough to use as part of your daily skin care regimen. Let this hydrating body wash with an energizing fresh scent start your day the right way. Don't miss out on being close with a loved one. Feel comfortable in a crowded subway or elevator car. Rest assured you smell great at the office, at home, at the gym and beyond. This hydrating body wash can deliver clean skin while eliminating unpleasant body odor so you can breathe easy.