Horizon® Organic Protein 15 High Protein Lowfat Chocolate Milk 10 fl. oz. Bottle

Horizon Organic Chocolate 1% Lowfat Milk. New. 15 grams protein in every bottle. Protein+. 50% More protein than lowfat chocolate milk*. Vitamins A & D. 1% Milkfat. UHT. 230 Calories per bottle. USDA Organic. *Chocolate protein plus organic lowfat milk 15g protein per 10oz serv; lowfat chocolate milk 10g per 10 oz serv. USDA national nutrient database for standard reference, release 27. Data consistent with typical lowfat chocolate milk. UHT processed for longer shelf life. Can be stored unrefrigerated. At plant number stamped. Quality assurance international. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Please recycle. Grade A. We'd love to hear from you! 1-888-494-3020 or visit horizonorganic.com. 2015 WhiteWave Services, Inc.