Jen & Joes Cookie Dough, Ready-to-Bake, Chocolate Chunk

12 individually frozen cookies. Real butter! No artificial ingredients! Jen is known for her delicious homemade cookies based on old family recipes - and her ability to bake them at a moment's notice. Her secret? A freezer full of assorted homemade cookie dough, made from the best wholesome ingredients and frozen into individual servings. And now you can do the same in your home. Bake one, two - or the entire dozen. Or keep several different flavors in your freezer and bake a few of each! Our Chocolate Chunk is an improvement on the classic chocolate chip. Extra brown sugar for a deeper, richer flavor. Lots of chocolate chunks to ensure chocolate in every bite. A dusting of sugar for a light crunch. And, of course, only real eggs and butter. They taste really good. Enjoy! (So who is Joe? Find out online at Always real eggs & butter. Never any artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives. No bleached flour, no trans fats, no hydrogenated fats or oils. Made in USA.