Jilz Crackerz, Everything

Gluten & grain free. Certified Gluten-free. Grain free. Keto & Paleo friendly. Vegan. Plant-based. 5 nuts & seeds. Non GMO Project Verified. nongmoproject.org. Everything (but the bagel). Made with 5 nuts & seeds. The Jilz story begins much like our ingredients - with modest roots, wholesome nourishment, and plenty of sunshine. Since 2013, we've been on a mission to create joy and health for life on the move with delicious and nutritious, gluten-free recipes. Using only real, simple ingredients, our crackers are kitchen-crafted and family-inspired to sustain and delight all tastes and types, with the perfect balance of flavor, crisp, and crunch! In happiness & good health, - Gill. Our Crackerz are Proudly: Keto & Paleo friendly; vegan; plant-based. Made with 7 simple ingredients. No preservatives, artificial colors or added flavorings! Jilz.com. Connect with us! (at)jilzglutenfree. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Find tasty recipes & more! Visit us at: Jilz.com. Same simple-seeded goodness, plenty more flavors to love! Jilz Crackerz Smokin Southwest; Jilz Crackerz Dill-Icious; Jilz Crackerz Just the Onion. 100% recycled. 85% post-consumer waste.