Litehouse Lite Balanced Options Dressing & Dip Jalapeno Ranch

Litehouse® Jalapeño Ranch Lite Dressing & Dip, 50% less fat & 40% fewer calories than our regular jalapeno ranch dressing. Balanced Options™. Healthy eating. Healthy living. Canola oil with omega 3. Gluten free. No MSG. No preservatives. Made fresh. No high fructose. Corn syrup. Canola oil with omega 3. 520 mg ALA omega 3 per serving. Customer satisfaction guaranteed by: Litehouse, Inc. Lite Jalapeno Ranch - 70 calories, 6g fat; Jalapeno ranch - 120 calories, l2g fat per serving. 13 fl oz Lite Jalapeno Ranch. For more information & healthy lifestyle tips go to: Questions or comments -