Gilberts Smoked Sausage, Chipotle Mozzarella & Lime

Uncured smoked sausage made with pork. Edunt independents. Not preserved. No nitrates or nitrites added except for naturally occurring nitrites in cultured celery juice powder, sea salt and cherry powder. Fully cooked. Single serve links. Gluten free. No corn syrup. No MSG added. If you're not totally satisfied with our sausage, let us know at and we'll make it right. Happy eating! - Gilbert's. Quick-peel. Single-peel. Tear one off and the rest stay fresh! What is craft sausage? People ask us all the time what we mean by craft sausage. It means a commitment to staying small and independent, and a passion or flavor and quality. We create sausage not for the widest audience, but for the individual. If you want great new flavors without the fillers, sodium nitrite, or by-products, try a craft sausage for a change. Recipes & more: Like us: US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Proudly crafted in Wisconsin.