Carando® Classic Italian® Toscano Recipe Ground Italian Sausage 16 oz. Tray

Carando Toscano Ground Italian Sausage is crafted with premium cuts of pork and savory herbs for a classic favorite with delicious flavor. Free of MSG, gluten or fillers, this mild sausage is a satisfying product in the tradition of Old World Italy. The fresh ground pork sausage is ideal for creating tasty Italian-style meals. Made with high-quality meat, this Italian ground sausage is seasoned with carefully selected Italian herbs, spices and whole fennel for delicious flavor. Add this premium Italian pork sausage to your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe for great taste, use it to make a mushroom frittata that's perfect for a brunch buffet, or enjoy the ground sausage as a topping on Sicilian-style sausage pizza. This mild Italian sausage is packaged for freshness and should be kept refrigerated. One taste is all it takes to discover the authentic Italian heritage of Carando.