Northern Chef Shrimp, Lightly Coated, with Cocktail Sauce

Oven ready. Gluten free. All natural. No preservatives. Fully cooked. Resealable bag. Source globally - market locally. Dine well. Feel well. Live well. Bake for 25 minutes. Northern Chef Lightly Coated Shrimp take breaded shrimp to a new level. Our plump, all natural shrimp are robed in a light gluten-free coating that gives them an irresistible taste and crispy texture. Due to its versatility and easy preparation, our shrimp is perfect as an appetizer or as a meal component in many different recipes. Unlike breaded products that contain less than 50% shrimp, Northern Chef Lightly Coated Shrimp contain more than 85% whole shrimp. Along with being high in protein, our lightly coated shrimp contain omega-3 fatty acids. Look for our complete line of products under our brands: Royal Asia and Northern Chef. Questions/Comments? 1-206-515-9688 Ext. 200. Visit our web site: At Northern Chef we take our philosophy of Dine Well, Feel Well, Live Well to heart. Our Dine Well products are carefully chosen based upon the following criteria: All natural, high quality seafood above industry standards; Consistently great tasting flavor and texture; Responsible practices to ensure the future supply of fish; Addition of artificial chemicals is strictly prohibited during preparation. Product of Thailand.