Oggi Pizza, Gluten Free, Thin Crust, Quattro Formaggi

Mozzarella, asiago, romano, parmesan. Hand tossed. Stone baked. Gluten Free Certification Program: Beyond celiac. www.gf-cert.org. GMO free ingredients. Peanut free. Gluten Free Quattro Formaggi Pizza: The Neapolitans have done it again! The gluten free pizza has now been mastered. This special Quattro Formaggi pizza is made with 100% real mozzarella, savory asiago, rich romano and hearty parmesan. Our tomato sauce is made with Italian tomatoes. Pizza Oggi is made in a dedicated and certified gluten free facility. This delicious pizza has been exclusively prepared without gluten, so that everyone can enjoy the Pizza Oggi experience. Join the Family: www.oggifoods.com. Facebook: facebook.com/oggifoods. Questions? Oggi Foods Inc., Montreal, QC H1P 2Y8; 1-844-867-6444. Made in Canada from Canadian and imported ingredients.