Oogave Soda Agave, Root Beer

All natural agave soda. All the flavor. All the fun. None of the junk! Congratulations on making a better choice. Only 100 Calories Per Bottle: Less is more. Low-Glycemic: Say goodbye, sugar high. Certified Organic: Only the good things. Gluten-Free: None of the bad things. No High Fructose Corn Syrup: Oogave is a better way! Never Any Sodium Benzoate: Some stuff shouldn't go in our body. Nor is There Any Phosphoric Acid: Not on our watch! We Have Trace Minerals - Iron, Copper, Magnesium: No bad heavy metal! That is sooo 80's. Contains Inulin Fiber: Prebiotic happiness in every bottle. Completely Vegan: Dolphin safe! Kosher Certified: So says the Rabbi. Caffeine Free: You darn kids are hyper enough. Gluten-free, vegan, caffeine-free and low-glycemic. Things That Are True About Oogave Root Beer: The world already has several quadrillion varieties of root beer. You deserve something that stands apart from the crowd. Our root beer is the only one with the naturally pioneering spirit to be sweetened with agave nectar. Oogave Root Beer is a delightfully natural blend of botanical flavors. It contains no ingredients you can't pronounce and nothing created by mad scientists in a secret lab. Stand in front of a mirror in a pitch black bathroom and repeat the following three times, I believe in Oogave Root Beer. You probably won't see any ghosts, but you might exit the bathroom to find your root beer gone and laughter in the next room. Don't be that kid. We probably don't have to remind you, but wow how good is vanilla ice cream with Oogave Root Beer? Try a nice all-natural vanilla bean variety if you want to keep it real. It also goes great with movies, board games, birthday cake, and popcorn - but we wouldn't recommend putting those things directly in the root beer. An interesting social experiment involves placing a four pack of ice-cold Oogave Root Beer on a bench in a public park in full view of passersby. Keep track of how much time elapses before you realize what a horrendous mistake you are making by giving away your Oogave. Oogave may increase your desire to stop drinking other sodas. Oogave is not intended to cure or treat any illnesses, except for the chronic boredom, ho-humness, and sugar-blues caused by average soft drinks. Increase your consumption of Oogave if you experience the following symptoms: zen-like happiness, good times, all around well being. Certified organic by the Colorado Dept of Agriculture. Made in the USA.