PR Bar Nutrition Bar, Oatmeal Raisin Granola

Personal record nutrition bar. 210 calories. 15 g protein. 22 g carbs. 7 g fat. All-natural. Controls hunger. No sugar alcohols. No trans fat. Team USA. Download your free personalized nutrition program. By purchasing this product you are supporting the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams. PR Bar is the official performance nutrition bar of the US Olympic Team. GF: Certified gluten free. Informed Choice: United States Olympic Committee. What We Do: PR Bar's Fastburn formula eliminates hunger, increases mental focus, and optimizes performance by controlling blood sugars and using body fat for fuel. Why it Matters: From Olympians and everyday athletes, to moms on the go, diabetics and those looking to increase performance, controlling blood sugars is the key. Why it's Better: By controlling blood sugars, PR Bar's all-natural, awesome-tasting product eliminates hunger while using body fat to fuel daily activities allowing everyone to set their own personal record. Eat. Go. Share: Have a PR Bar and drink some water, then spend a couple hours doing your favorite activity, your hardest training session, or even your busiest day at work. Go to and let us know how the bar worked for you. Get Started: Download your free personalized nutrition program at For more information go to You can find us on Twitter (at) prbars or on Facebook