T.G.I. Friday's Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Complete Skillet Meals 24 Oz Bag

Chicken & broccoli alfredo, cavatappi pasta in a creamy alfredo sauce with white meat chicken and broccoli, topped with cheesy herb seasoning. Fire up the skillet with the sizzling flavors of T.G.I. friday'S. Toss seasoned white meat chicken with broccoli and spiral cavatappi pasta. Stir in a parmesan alfredo sauce and top with our parmesan & romano herb seasoning. Enjoy the party! Try our other great recipes! Creamy chicken pasta carbonara (penne pasta in a creamy sauce with vegetables, grilled chicken, and topped with bacon bits); sizzling steak fajitas (seared beef steak strips with fire roasted onions, green and red bell peppers). Ready in 15 minutes.