Two Hot Mamas Salsa Verde, Medium

Gluten free. Dairy free. Vegan. Non GMO. All natural. Go Texan. No MSG. Austin-based. Award winning! Mix one Hot Mama with a zesty red salsa (Salsa Roja) and another Hot Mama with a truly authentic green salsa (Salsa Verde) and you get Two Hot Mamas Salsa Co.! When these fabulous ladies met, they blended their two salsas and created the not-so-standard Mambo combo. Their salsas and dips are so unique and so flavorful they've won more awards locally than any other salsa company!! They are Latin with a twist! Go ahead - let those taste buds water with anticipation, What you're about to try is the famous, award winning, local flavor of two Hot Mamas Salsa Co. Two Hot Mama's salsas are not just for chips - it's added to every meal imaginable. Try it over your eggs for breakfast and tossed into your favorite pastas with chicken for lunch or dinner. Get Spicy and let us know your favorite recipe for Two Hot Mama's Salsa Verde! Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.