Vive Organic Shot, Organic, Immunity Boost

USDA Organic. Certified Vegan. Gluten free. Certified Organic by CCOF. No added sugar. Non GMO Project verified. Doctor crafted. Plant powered. Ginger root; turmeric root; black pepper; echinacea. Dr. Eliott; Dr. Allen; Dr. Kshirsagar. Delivering What the Doctor Ordered: The team knew they'd need expert help in developing a superior functional shot that delivered results. This is where the doctors came in. With the help of three of the best nationally-recognized, holistic medicine doctors, the Vive Organic formulas were born. Our First Pour in Venice Beach, CA. Vive Organic shots officially hit shelves in 2016, bringing concentrated wellness to the local markets of Venice Beach, CA. But we didn't stop there. You can now find us on shelves all over the country, spreading organic health and leading the wellness movement one shot at a time! Sourcing Sustainably: With the formulas perfected, it was not time to product with the freshest, purest and most powerful ingredients available. After sourcing organically from the best small farms the team could fine, the shots were ready to be shared. Cold pressed. Stumbling Upon Health: Back in 20140, an exhausted and overworked entrepreneur named Wyatt stumbled across homemade shots on a trip to Florida. After two shoots of the concentrated goodness he was both revived and inspired with an idea - to share this profound experience with the world. Fully Committing to the Mission: Before he could share it with the world, he had to share it with friends. Entre, Kyle and Jr. Each was so equally fired up about the endeavor that they risked it all, abandoning their day jobs to deliver the freshest, most powerful forms of health and wellness to the world. And so, Vive Organic was formed. Twitter (at)Vive_Organic. Instagram (at)Vive_Organic. Facebook/Viveorganic123. BPA free.