Whole Grains Double Protein Bread 24 Oz

A blend of wheat and rice protein. Per 1 Slice Serving: 110 Calories; 0g Sat. Fat--0% DV; 150mg Sodium--6% DV; 2g Sugars. 100% Whole Grain Stamp: 19g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. Combining great taste and serious nutrition. Arnold® is Bread Perfected®! We know how important eating right is to you and your family. That's why every loaf of our Arnold® Whole Grains® bread is crafted with the latest nutrition advances you are looking for to help further your wholesome lifestyle while always tasting delicious. Choosing Arnold bread is a simple step you can take to support your goal of living well. Go with the grain.™ Protein Power: Protein is essential to build muscle and maintain the systems of the body. To get the right balance of protein in your diet, nutritionist recommend eating a variety of protein-containing foods every day. Beans, nuts, and whole grains offer protein with less saturated fat and plenty of healthful fiber. Arnold Double Protein Bread: A hearty and delicious whole wheat bread baked with our special protein blend so you get 8% of your daily value of protein in 2 slices!+ Add 3 ounces of turkey and get over 35% of your recommended value in one sandwich.++ 19g Whole Grains per Slice 13g of Protein in 2 Slices 6g of Fiber in 2 Slices No HFCS Heart Healthy* 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Fiber